My Favorite Class

One of my favorite classes in school is Spanish. My Spanish teacher is Sra. Salas. I really like Spanish because the class is fun, and I’ve been learning Spanish since I was three. I learned Spanish because I had a nanny who mainly spoke spanish. I just picked it up from her talking. Eventually, she taught me some Spanish herself.

One of my favorite parts of Spanish class is the presentations. I like giving presentations in Spanish because I have a good memory, and I like making slideshows. A presentation that I’ve done recently was about two of my favorite hobbies in each season. I made a slideshow of pictures of me doing that hobby.


My Ideal World

Welcome to Phoenix! My ideal world is a planet next to earth called Phoenix. It is a planet about half the size of earth. Phoenix is red, orange, and yellow. There are 8 countries and it is separated into two different sections, water and land. The water section is for animals that live near water, and for people that like living near beaches and lakes. The land part still has water like lakes and rivers, but it’s for land animals and people. The weather on Phoenix is usually good, but occasionally there are thunderstorms. The temperature usually ranges from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no climate change, racism, or sexism on Phoenix. There is no poaching or shooting people. No one is homeless. There is no war.

Phoenix has all different types of animals. No animals are extinct other than the dinosaurs. There are many zoos. There is a main zoo in every country. Each zoo has 3 million acres and they feature many different animals. People can have pets but they can not own wild animals.

The type of government in Phoenix is Representative Democracy. In every country there is a different president that rules. The president lives in a big mansion called the Black House. Every 3 years, there will be an election. The currency on Phoenix is called Bank. Money ranges from 1 Bank Bills, to 100 Bank Bills. You can order things online from the specific store’s website; there is no amazon.

There isn’t race on Phoenix, but people have different skin colors. There is also nature on Phoenix. There are many different plants, trees, and landscapes. One main tourist attraction is Mount Quinn. Mount Quinn is a 8,642 foot mountain with lots of snow at the top. There are also many different cultures and food that come from many places around earth that visitors bring.

Phoenix has lots of advanced technology, like the US has today. Phoenix has things like flying cars and flying hover boards. There is also a lot of advanced medicine like a cure for cancer, Alzheimer, and many other diseases.

Phoenix is a great place for people of all ages. It has entertainment, nature, technology, animals, and more! I hope you will consider visiting or living on Phoenix!


Field Hockey Tournament

On Thursday, January 27th, instead of going to school, I went to Orlando. My flight was at 1:30. I got to Orlando around 3:00. My mom and I took a bus from the airport to our hotel. I went into the hotel pool with some of my teammates and then I went to sleep. On Friday while the rest of my grade was at a field trip, I was at a field hockey tournament.

My first two game were at 3:00 and 6:00 pm. My team tied our first game and lost our second game. On Saturday, my games were at 8:00 am and 4:00. We lost one game and won one game. On Sunday, I had one game at 11:00 and I lost. I think my team did pretty well even thought we lost 3 games.

I played well and I had a lot of fun. Usually, I don’t play with that team, but they didn’t have enough players so I had to play up. I’m U12 (Under 12 years old), but In Orlando, I played on my team’s U14 team (Under 14 years old). I really enjoyed the trip and I’m really glad my mom took me.




Window or Mirror?

The book I’m currently reading is Level 13 by Gordon Korman. It’s a fiction book about a boy who is obsessed with video games and hates school. The main character is a boy named Cam Boxer and Cam started a school club called the Positive Action Group (PAG) to stop his parents from bothering him at school. Surprisingly, the club got really popular and a lot of people joined. Cam wants to be a gamer so it was hard for him to manage his gaming stream while trying to manage the PAG. 

A window book is when you’re reading from someone’s else’s perspective. A mirror book is a book that you can relate to in some way. I chose this book because Gordon Korman is my favorite author and I hadn’t read this book before. This book is a window for me because I don’t really play video games, I don’t have a little sister, and I enjoy school unlike the main character. I usually read books that are windows because I enjoy them more than mirror books.

                           Image from sora

Dogs and Cats

I like all animals (other than rodents) but personally, I think dogs are better than cats. I think this because all my encounters with cats have been bad. All encounters with dogs have been pretty good. Also, dogs run around and love you unconditionally. Kittens are cute, but once they get older, all they do is sit on beds, hide behind things, and make weird noises. Some people say having a dog is too much work because you have to walk them. I enjoy walking my dog and it gives me a reason to go outside. Cats go to the bathroom in litter boxes which are in your house, and then your house smells bad. 

I asked twenty people if they liked dogs or cats. Fifteen people said they liked dogs better , and five people said they liked cats better. That is another thing to show why I think dogs are better than cats.

I have a dog. Her name is Bailey and she’s a Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle).  She’s 3. Bailey loves to run around, eat things she’s not supposed to be eating, and lick people. She’s nice, friendly, cute, playful, and funny. These are my reasons why I think dogs are better than cats.


Old Dog and Coyote

For my Wisdom Tales Project, me and my partner wrote a song. The story we chose was Old Dog and Coyote. My partner was Sloane. 

Old Dog and Coyote is a story from The Americas. The story is about a watchdog who failed to do his job one day and his owner got mad and kicked him out. As the dog was roaming around the desert, he saw a coyote trying to jump over a cactus. The coyote failed and had thorns stuck in him. The dog helped the coyote get the thorns out and the coyote wanted to return the favor. From that easy on, the coyote would come and bother the chickens, and the dog would act like he was scaring away the coyote. The dog’s owner praised him and the dog lived a good life.



This is a song about a story 

The story is Old Dog and Coyote

The old watchdog made a mistake

And his owner got mad and raged

He kicked the old watchdog out

This story also has a coyote

Who tried to jump over a plant that was thorny

The coyote fell, and he was in lots of pain

The dog helped and used his brain


Chorus (Both)

This is a song about a story

A story about an Old Dog and a Coyote

They soon become best friends

And help each other until the end



He felt so bad he picked out the thorns

And so the old watch dog was suddenly adored

Because he was useless he stomach growled with hunger

So the coyote devised a plan 

Sneak into the coup and scare the chickens

Their act continued until the watchdog died

But the dog got fed and lived a good life


Chorus (Both)

This is a song about a story

A story about an Old Dog and a Coyote

They soon become best friends

And help each other until the end

Camp Hanes

On a cold, rainy day, the sixth grade at Durham Academy went to Camp Hanes in September. When we got to school, we waited for everyone to get there. Once everyone got there, we lined up with our advisory and put out bags under the bus we were on. There were two buses. I was on bus two. The bus ride was two hours long. I was on bus two. We did fun things like watching a movie, talking, and passing around candy. When we finally got to camp Hanes, we put our bags in the gym then went to a big room. We then got our cabin assignments. We also met the counselors. 

I  was in cabin eight I went to my cabin and put my stuff down. My cabin adult, Mrs. Ellis, told us our cabin activity groups. I was in group six. After that, we had lunch. We had mac’n cheese and chicken. I sat at the table where all the forgotten kids sat. It was by far the best table. After lunch, everyone went to the airnasium. We found our groups and lined up. I went archery first, then canoeing, then hiking. The hike was my favorite because it was hard, fun, and when we got to the top, the view was great. For dinner, we had spaghetti and garlic bread. Before we went to bed,  we had s’mores.


I’m proud that I didn’t get hurt on the hike, and that I didn’t use the rope to get up the steep hills. We were supposed to go to Camp Cheerio, but they didn’t have enough staff. I’m grateful that Durham Academy gave us that opportunity.

My Backpack

Over the summer, I read a book called Finding Someplace. In Finding Someplace, by Denise Lewis Patrick, Reesie, the main character, had to pack a backpack because she was in the middle of Hurricane Katrina. Reesie was all alone at her house, so she packed a few things, then went to her neighbor’s house. After the hurricane was over, she went to a big building called the SuperDome. In the SuperDome, someone stole Reesie’s backpack. Reesie didn’t know that was going to happen, and she didn’t have a lot of time, so she just grabbed the things that were important to her.

If I was in that situation, I’d pack only the things I need. I’d pack a flashlight with extra batteries, a portable charger, and my phone. I’d pack those things in case the power went out, or if my phone died. I’d need a phone to call 911, or my parents. These are things I would pack for my entertainment. A notebook, and colored pencils. I would also pack a medical kit, and important papers like my birth certificate for emergencies. I’d bring a jacket if I got cold. Those are the things I’d pack if I was in the middle of a hurricane and I had to leave.